Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Start your day with a hot meal from the best kitchen in the South. Get started with Grits, eggs, bacon and toast. Or, get real country with Catfish and Grits or Chicken and Waffles. Wash it down with a hot cup of coffee, orange juice or a selected assortment of tea. CLICK HERE
Southern Breakfast
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Stop in for lunch. WARNING! This food has a serious side effect. Catfish, greens and yams have challenged to most energetic person into a sleepy state. The homemade desserts will entice your desire to want a nap. Your stomach will praise your decision to dine with us for lunch. CLICK HERE
Eating Healthy? We have delicious dining choice with low calories, salt and sugar to help you watch your weight and health. Great food for diabetics, people with high blood pressure and heart disease. Consult your physician. Tell us what you need to eat to thrive to stay alive. CLICK HERE
Lazy Lunches
Dessert Dessert Dessert Dessert Facebook
OMG! This dessert is straight from Big Mama’s pantry. Peach Cobbler, Sweet Potato Pie and Chocolate cake that forces you to tease your sweet tooth. CLICK HERE
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Homemade Desserts

About Gritz

Gritz Café is the “Ritz” for the Grits as we prepare them just right for your taste buds with the perfect texture. We developed a unique customer experience to compliment our eclectic taste. In 2008 brand new cafe was formed to enhance the image of “Soul Food” restaurants while introducing a Southern familiarity to its dining guests.

The breakfast and lunch crowd hasn’t been the same since Gritz brought its Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Virginia and Mississippi, dishes named after the southern heartland of America. In 2011 Gritz was voted The Best of Las Vegas by the customers in Southern Nevada and around the country. Our Facebook family continues to grow daily with posts from coast to coast.

If you are located in Las Vegas we invite you to the SOUTH. If you are located on the East coast we invite you to the SOUTH. If you are located in the Midwest we invite you to the SOUTH. If you are located on the West coast we invite you to the SOUTH. If you are located in the SOUTH we invite you HOME!

It’s the GRITZ that will keep you coming back!

“Gritz is not a place. It’s an experience taking you back to the deep South with tantalizing tasty dishes.”
Trina Jiles, Owner.