Food makes FRIENDS.


If you want to make your friends happy feed them. Have you ever noticed that relationships are formed over food? Your first date usually involves food. Celebrating birthdays are food occasions. Weddings are not complete without food. More deals are done over business lunches than on the golf course. A family reunion is defined by the food that is served at those gatherings. There's something about food that sparks a discussion that stays in your memory.

Some would say that food soothes the soul. Let's explore why food puts us in a good mood. A delicious meal cures more than just an appetite. When you get a cold there's nothing like a good bowl of chicken noodle soup to make you feel better. As a child your grandmother's infectious desserts would make you feel great no matter what the situation was.

Family dinners used to be the place where siblings and parents would discuss their days at school, home or work. Psychologists and family therapists would argue that families that dine together are closer than those that don't. Cultural recipe dishes are passed down from generation to generation. They are typically the staple in the family's history.

In conclusion if you want to develop a relationship with your spouse, friend or family try food. It just might work.

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